100 min - fiction

USA | Kenya

in development

Chesang, 15, asks the yomöt — the god of the wind — for help escaping marriage arranged to an old man. It sends her to find a secret flower that is full of poison, for her to use however she chooses.  

A Song That Slays is a tragedy based on the legend of a young girl who uses the mystery of nature to overcome the violence of man.

Writing & Direction by Mo Scarpelli
Cowriting & Translation by Lilian Noeli Koskey
Produced by Alessandro Amato & Luigi Chimienti - dispàrte
CoProducer D.D. Wigley

Selected for Berlinale Talents Script Station (2022), Locarno Allliance 4 Development Forum (2022), When East Meets West CoProduction Forum (2022), LIM - Less Is More Film Development Workshop (2021), Thessaloniki Agora Film Meetings (2021), and Novos Cinemas #Lab (2020).

Awarded EWA Prize (development) at WEMW 2022.

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