documentary short
Tunisia / France / USA

World Premiere at New York Jewish Film Festival - Lincoln Center 2018

For more than 700 years, thousands of Jews lived in the Islamic city of Tunis. EL HARA weaves the reflections of one man who grew up in between the colonizers and the colonized in this now-disappeared neighborhood to explore how the places we come from shape who we become forever.

Directed by Margaux Fitoussi & Mo Scarpelli

Producer - Margaux Fitoussi
Dir of Photography - Mo Scarpelli
Editors - Iva Radivojevic, Mo Scarpelli

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New York Jewish Film Festival at Lincoln Center
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Montenegro Film Festival
Afrika Film Festival - Yamfa Competition


EL HARA continues to play at festivals and in screening series around the world.
Please email hello [at] rakefilms [dot] com for a private screener + to set up a screening.

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